Sparkle's Page

The Level Cross Fire Dept. would like to welcome our new resident mascot to our family.


Please welcome Sparkles to our family.

We would like to thank Karen and Fox 8 for making this possible for us. She will have a loving home here at the station with us. Visit back to check and watch her grow with us.

How Sparkle's has grown but she still likes to relax in the afternoon.



She is becoming somewhat of a diva with her posing.

On Friday Jan. 6th Sparkles became ill. She was not able to get up and stand and was little weak. She was taken to the vet and test was done. Late that night she was taken into surgery. After surgery she started having weak breathing problems. The surgery test showed that she had a red blood cell count that was very bad. The test also showed that she a cancer. Later that night, she went somewhere that she could watch over David. David gave her the best life she could have. When David was on shift at the station, Sparkles would race David to the bed. He had to make her get to the foot of the bed. Sparkles was one of a kind. Back in 2012, when she was on WGHP TV8 news about being put in a vehicle in a parking lot, Chief Russell called the TV station to get a contact name about her. The call was made that night about 11:30 and he talked to the lady who's car she was put in. The next afternoon she was delivered to the station. She became the queen. We will always keep her in our heart. She always looked after the paid guys, and would always be asleep when the on staff person got back from a night call. We always said that she was on standby, she always missed the truck.

Sparkles we will miss you, please look after us, and please always think about the life you had with David. 

Chief Stephen Russell 1-11-2017


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